Arma 3 Wasteland


IP: Port: 2412 

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What is Wasteland?


A3Wasteland aims to bring stability and compatibility to the Arma 3 multiplayer community. By providing a core Wasteland experience, individuals and groups can introduce their own customisations and extensions to Wasteland without sacrificing the ability to have a common codebase where we all share bug fixes, performance optimizations and other work.


Vanilla Wasteland offers 3 different factions to play. BLUFOR, OPFOR & AAF, also known as Guerilla or Independent.
On this server, the players can only choose between BLUFOR and Independent. The roaming AI is represented by OPFOR units, named SRS Scorpions. 
Players fight for sovereignty, resources, weapons, vehicles and money. Among other things, various missions are available to them for this purpose.  


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How to play Wasteland 

(including this specific customized version)


Different startgears, depends if you've chosen CombatMedic, Engi or Sniper class.
On this server, the startgear is ready for fight. At those first steps, you can find other equipment in vehicles and fallen AI.
You start with  $1500, but there are many ways to get money with first steps: kill roaming AI. Then you can bury their body and get  $500 for every buried body. The AI also drops money when get killed.

  • CombatMedics get a MedKit to treat wounded teammates and themselves
  • Engis get a Toolkit to repair vehicles without a repairkit
  • Snipers get a rangefinder & MK1 rifle

Also all players get one kit for repairing. Those can be bought at the General Store. Engis don't need them. Players can carry max 2 of those kits.

As Medic have the Medkit, all other players get a first aid kit to heal themselves or others. 

First Steps

With first spawn on this server, as said, you have $1500 cash.

Your very first steps should be finding one or two vehicles around the town you have been spawned in randomly.
Forget searching for loot inside buildings! This is disabled.

After you found two cars, tow one of them to the other and head to one of the Black Markets. Avoid crossing any mission!

After arrived the Black Market, put all your gear into the inventory of your vehicle, go to one of the shopowners and sell first its content and then the vehicle itself.
The before towed vehicle will be untowed then. Get in this vehicle as driver and repeat the procedure.

Now you should have "a bit more" startmoney. Equip yourself.

When done, use the phonebox and mark a neutral town. Jump in there, capture the territory, earn the next  

$500/1000 and start into the game ..

Money & ATM

Two options for the money: carrying cash or deposit at an ATM. While carrying cash (right side, the symbol in the middle), you risk to lose it. No worry: the location of your death is marked and after you travelled there, you can pick up your money - but also enemy players (sometimes also friendly players!) can pick up your money.

At every Black Market there is an employee of the bank. Target his desk and the Option "Access ATM" appears. Also you can find two ATM in the middle of the map, the town Bir-Dakhla (north).

Deposit your money and it stays save. Withdraw what needed, buy your gear and deposit the rest. Easy. 

Black Market

Vanilla Wasteland has seperated all shops allover the map. On this server, you can find them together at the Black Markets.

Blackmarkets are Safezones. You cannot be killed when you are inside the black square. Also you cannot hit outside targets, when you are inside the Safezone. 

Inside the Black Market you can find:

  • General Store: helmets, uniforms, vests, rep-kits, spawnbeacons ..
  • Gun Store: weapons & ammunition
  • Vehicle Store: guess what?
  • ATM employee: ATM access at the desk to deposit your cash 
  • Phonebox: call a free halojump, click anywhere on the map and jump. Open parachute with V
  • Professionell Medic: only CombatMedic Players can heal themselves to 100%. Engis and Snipers can visit this Doc and get 100% health back!


If you died, there are different ways to respawn:

  • random
  • on own or by teammates placed beacons*
  • towns with teammates inside
  • captured territories (extra made for this server by LeonZ)

*at your placed beacons, you can switch the option, who would be allowed to spawn on your beacon: the team (Blufor) or only your group.


You can buy, find, sell, destroy,  acquire ownership,  

customize parts/camos or achieve nearly any kind of vehicle in Wasteland.

Not every vehicle is available in the vehicle stores. On purpose. You want to have a Blackfoot: complete the mission. You want a Kajman, an AA vehicle, a MBT? Complete the mission.

This way, 3 things result from this: 

  • money plays a subordinate role
  • special vehicles become precious
  • players take more attention of their vehicles


It's up to the player, how to solve certain missions: as infantery, with attack helicopters or tanks or preparing an ambush. In CQB or as sniper, alone or in a group.

Take a look at the MISSIONS on this site. There are over 70 missions, for every taste and every skill.
From very easy (Under Stone) to very hard (SRS Territory Attack). Convoi missions, town missions, static missions only with hostile AI, rescue missions or simple delivery missions. 


At most missions, crates spawn after the mission is completed. The loadout of those crates changes randomly. So sometimes there nothing more inside like crap, sometimes really good stuff.

Some missions have crates, including a MONEY STASH. On moueswheel you will see the option. Clicked, and you can withdraw the money like at any ATM.

You can load the crates into your vehicle. At the Black Market, you can unload (view vehicle content) the crate, carry it to any shopowner and then sell the crate or its content. Good money!

Towns & Territories

The dominant visual elements on the map are the towns and the territories.
On Vanilla, those two areas are seperated. On this server they are combined.

Towns are marked with blue circles. These are the locations for any town mission. Also it's possible, the player respawns there, if any teammate is inside the blue circle. If the player chose random spawn, he will be placed at any random town.
And here is the best spot for vehicles.

Territories have in general only the task to get captured. Player/s get a reward for capturing and every 30 minutes for holding territories.

On this server the player is able to respawn in captured territories. With the combination of both, the town is not just a town, the territory is not just a territory

Asim's Garage

On this server, you cannot build any kind of base!
Only produces data crap and results in rage quittings. And it does nothing to keep the desert clean. If players like basebuilding, I'd suggest Minecraft..

Consequently the players cannot build a save parking spot for their vehicles. Vehicles, parked and acquired ownership, would be saved upon server restart. But this doesn't prevent the vehicles to be destroyed: by other players or the mission EMP Attack.

At Asim's Garage the player can store 4 vehicles max. Parking the vehicle costs nothing. Retrieving it $2500. This way, fresh spawned players cannot run to Asim and retrieve on of their vehicles: they have to do something for it, to get the missing  $1k.

Titan Launchers

AA or AT launchers are not missing at the Gun Store: they are not available. On purpose.

On most servers, money is the most important element. Some server owners increased the cost for those launchers ridiculously high. But few players have so much money earned, they don't really give one single shit on the prices.

Because they are not available, the launchers a) become precious, when found in certain missions and b) it produces kind of equal opportunity for new joining players. 


Simple. Only two playable factions. BLUFOR & GUERILLA.
All BLUFOR players are teammates. Teamkill can be resulted in a punishment. And obviously it's forbidden. They can also create groups. Good for communication (chat or ingameVoive), so the complete team don't have to read the conversation of a little group (or two mates).

Indy players (GUER) stand on their own, as long, as they create a group and invite other indy players. But this is only optional!

The roaming AI is represented by all factions, BLU, GUER & OPFOR. The players should always toggle playernames and friendly AI with Windows key.
The AI of the missions are represented technically  by CIVILIANS.

Resupply Vehicles

At any Black Market you can find a Resupply Truck.
Beeing near, the option appears. If you had enough money, the vehicle will be refueled, rearmed and repaired.
You can also find a resupply truck at Asim's Garage.

The costs depend on the price in the Vehicle Store. Due to some vehicles aren't available, they have technically a price. 25% of this price costs the resupply.

SOME vehicles are neither available nor do they have a technically (hidden) price. For those, the costs are $1000 in general.

Refueling is also possible with items from the General Store, gas-staions or fueltrucks.


  • WINDOWS: toggle friendly AI and playernames of same group/team
  • END: using earplugs, with 3 different stages
  • H: holster your weapon to run fast
  • 1: when you get unconscious while using a launcher and get revived, you cannot stand up. Arma bug? Pressing '1' and you take your rifle and can get up
  • #: salute 
  • รค: sit down
  • V: open parachute. Only available from height over 1o metres
  • shift+T: tactical ping
  • shift+left mouse button: place a marker on the map to see your destination 
  • numpad -: sometimes the camera stays too close to your alter ego (in 3rd person view). Press - to turn back to normal view
  • C: switch combat walk

Rage Quit

Yes. It can be annoying. Really. Trust me. I know!

Not only the missions' AI can kill you, also the roaming AI, enemy players and the snakes. Yes, heard right: SNAKES. 

But the way, this server is built, you really feel kind of satisfaction, after you survived a hard mission or a clash of 2 different AI factions, yourself between them.

Completing missions, saving rare vehicles, getting precious weapons, getting known foreign teammates to follow the same goal, will make you feel satisfied and confident. 

Rage quitting .. should only be done, when dinner is ready and getting cold. Cheers.