ROS Sandstorm

By Rick0Shay.
Created by one of the best scripters. 
Those sandstorms are incredibly good! They support the atmosphere like no other script. Never ever want to play a desert map without them anymore!

ROS Snakebite

By Rick0Shay.
On Altis or Stratis only decoration. Really. Nothing more. Some players are afraid of them, others are annoyed and few players are happy for the snakes  they finally found a home. Sefrou Ramal.

- disabled -

Territory Respawn

By LeonZ.
With this script the players are able to respawn in captured territories. Now the territories became more important and worth to fight for it.
Besides this edition, each territory is combined with a town. 

Dead body flies & burying

By soulkobk.
The script spawns flies with sound effects to dead bodies after a certain duration has passed. 
Players can bury dead bodies and get a little reward for cleaning up the mess.

H.A.L.O. jump

By  Ombra_ita .

At any Black Market can be found a phonebox. At this phonebox, players can call a H.A.L.O. jump somewhere on the map. Keep it simple! 

Injured Ai script

By Persian MO.

  • Ais unconscious with animations and sounds
  • Ais team mate will try to help by dragging injured guy and heal him
  • Smoke drop around injured Ai
  • React hit for Ais
  • Injured Ais will die if not get help in 2 minutes

.. and several scripts more, to make the mission as immersive as possible.

New Repair Action


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Instead of several shops spreaded all over the map, 3 Black Markets contain every shop (General, Gun & Vehicle) and an ATM. Also the Black Markets are Safezones. 
Inside every Black Market the player can call a free halojump via phonebox.

The shopowners are highly detailed. Same with their shops. Each color represents another shopowner: Gunstore = Red, General Store = Blue, Vehicle Store = Yellow.

Roaming AI

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Wasteland with Ai only at the missions seems to be dead & boring. And way to easy! We added roaming AI of each faction, customized their clothes and weapons and set their skill .. higher. Also we added  Injured Ai script by Persian MO to let the AI react more realistic and more challenging for the players. 

Available Stuff

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At one point, the player doesn't care about any lost gear, tank or helicopter - he/she just buys new stuff. Wealth is the problem. We decided to disable several vehicles and equipment out of the shops: no MBT, no Kajman nor Blackfoot, no AA Vehicle. 
If players want them, they have to complete specific missions to obtain the wanted vehicle.
Same with Titan Launchers & thermal scopes.
Also we added the new cDLC content to the shops and kicked out all the other stuff not fitting to the desert setting.

Parking, Storage & Basebuilding

Created with Sketch.
  •  only one parking area and only for max 4 vehicles 
  • storage system is disabled. Players should feel the lost of their equipment
  • no basebuilding. No locked beacons or crates

Why?  Several reasons. We think, this way, something like equal chance is created. In the end, it doesn't matter, how much money you have collected during your time nor which vehicle you have parked. A new joining player gets a quite good startgear. 
The roaming AI does the rest - no matter which skill the players have or how rich they are: nobody is save.

Icons/custom textures

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  • nearly every icon was changed (shop and playermenu icons) 
  • custom mission hint pictures (see at the gallery)
  • custom user textures at certain spots (walls, signs etc)